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KRYPTO2009, formerly known as ‘Travel More’ is a USA based graphic designer & artist whom aspires to combine his interests in cryptocurrency, memes, & pop art into his works. The name change was suggested by his mentor Mike “Mimo” Mozart. Graffiti was his choice of artistic expression while guerrilla marketing still remains a method of practice. Some of his biggest inspirations are KAWS & Basquiat. In the early 1990s he was sent to his grandparent’s house in San Juan de Miraflores in Lima for 3 months out of the year during his school breaks until about the age of 13. There he was exposed to florescent lettering posters he saw wheat pasted in the gray desert city which sparked an early curiosity. Years later he would learn these posters were used to advertise a Peruvian style Cumbia known as Chicha. Today he aims to instill these lively florescent colors within his works by combining North American style pop art with a Peruvian inspired twist. 


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